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Corporate Yoga – Julia Kleinfeld Yoga+

Ease stress at work

Taking the hassle out of corporate wellness.

Organising corporate wellness classes can be a pain if you don’t know which questions to ask or you are dealing with the people that might not understand how companies operate. I bring not only the yoga, but also my years of working in corporate to take the hassle out of planning: I will guide you through the process from A-Z.

Some of my clients:

It doesn’t have to be complicated, just structured! The following three steps are the framework of information that I need from you at some stage  throughout the booking. It’s no rocket science, just some logistics. If you are unsure or don’t have the information yet, we can easily work it out together – just give me a shout.

Booking is as easy as 3 simple steps.


Corporate classes taught


Companies worked with


Employees reached

How to book or get a quote?

Please note that I am currently not taking any bookings for 2020 as I don’t have capacity. However, if you’re an early bird and want to chat about 2021, contact me with your questions or request a quote via email on hello@juliakleinfeld.com and I will get back within 2 business days.

Reduce sick days

Boost productivity

Increase workplace satisfaction

What are the three things I need from you?

The following three steps can give you a rough idea on what info is needed to organise a corporate wellness event or classes. If you don’t have all the answer yet, don’t worry, we’ll iron out the details when we come to it.

1) Frequency

You decide how often you would like to offer wellness to your employees:

● Once-off event
● 4 x Classes
● 6 x Classes
● Weekly Classes

2) Type of class

You decide what you would like to offer to your employees:

Classic Yoga ●
Laughter Workshop ●
Meditation ●
Chair Yoga ●

3) Duration

You decide how much time you have available – and if you need help deciding, give me a quick phone call so we can take a look the logistics. Here are some things that might give you an idea:

How long does a class take?

The minimum per booking is 60 min. You can use this for one class, or you can break the time down into different sessions (e.g. 2 sessions á 30 mins for a 60min booking).

I look forward to bringing wellness into your workplace and meeting your employees.

Julia Kleinfeld

Julia Kleinfeld


All you need is your employees – and sometimes a room.

Classic Yoga: You will need an empty room or space (either with no tables/chairs or have them pushed out of the way) and your employees can bring their own mats (for hygienic reasons)

Laughter Workshop: You will need an empty room with a door – no mats & sport clothes required (that’s why it’s so popular).

Meditation: You will need a quiet space (e.g. a meeting room) – no other equipment needed.

Chair Yoga: No room required, just regular chairs. This can even be done at your employees desks if you have an open plan office.

On the day and time agreed, I will come to your office and only need some info on how to find your team or the location of the room and a person of contact. It’s as easy as that.

The most popular packages:

120min – 4 sessions of 30 mins: 2 x laughter workshop + 1 x meditation + 1 x chair yoga

Class Packages:
4 x 60min – Classic Yoga (45-60min session)
4 x 60 min – meditation (2 sessions á 30 mins)

Please note that a classic mat yoga session can not be shorter than 45min to allow a safe, injury-free practice including warm-ups and cool-down.

Most of us sit in front of a computer all day and we know the results: back pain, neck pain, headaches, feeling tired, sore wrists, indigestion. The list could go on. But not just the physical body can struggle with the demands of today’s working life, psychologically many people have started to feel more stressed and less able to switch off. Ongoing availability and the use of tablet and smartphones from early morning until late evenings all add up.

Yoga before, during or after work can help employees to ease both, the psychological and physiological effect of day-to-day work life. Employees who have the chance to participate in workplace yoga are proven to have less sick days and are more resilient to stress. And as a fantastic personal side effect, employees who participate in yoga are happier not only because yoga helps to ease pains and build strength, but also because taking time out with like-minded colleagues significantly increases individual wellbeing.

I have specialised in yoga for back pain and stress reduction to meet employees’ needs and have been teaching over 100 different corporate yoga classes and events. Some of my clients are AIB, LinkedIn, Cogs&Marvel, NewRelic, Nutricia and UCD.

In my “previous” life until 2016, I was working as a Senior Analyst in LinkedIn, so I understand the demands of a yoga class at work: you want to stretch and build strength, but you don’t want to be totally sweaty (unless you have the time and space to take a shower) and you want to have a few minutes to simply switch off. And while it should not need to be mentioned (but I know it’s still an issue): classes will always finish on time – no need to stress during relaxation if you will make it to your appointment afterwards.