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Healing, restoring and grounding your energy

Private 1:1 Sessions

Sometimes life can take over and we feel stressed, overwhelmed or simply exhausted. Private sessions are tailored to your personal, emotional and/or spiritual needs. My goal is for you to find back to your inner balance and to feel grounded through awareness and deep relaxation.

Private sessions include a combination of techniques, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Balancing the Chakras

In the Ayurvedic tradition, prana (life force) flows through nadis (channels) in the subtle body. Chakras are energy centres at intersections of those channels.

If for some reason there is a blockage of energy, it can manifest in various ways in the physical body and the mind. Similar to Chinese Medicine such as acupuncture in which practitioners works with Chi as life energy, we can work with the seven main chakras.

All following techniques help to restore balance in the chakra system:

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Guided Meditation

In order to allow the body and mind to relax, a guided meditation or autogenous training can help to arrive fully in the moment. It helps to become more aware of what is going on right now – without judgement.

Use of Sound (Nada Yoga)

Sound has many healing qualities and can be used in different ways. In grounding sessions, I use Tibetan Bowls to balance body and mind. Everything in life vibrates on a specific frequency. The vibrations of Tibetan Bowls resonate with the body and can cause deep relaxation.

Human Touch

Human touch (not just in form of massage) can bring your awareness back to your body. A common yoga saying is: “ Where attention goes, energy flows”. Often when we feel stressed, we loose touch with our own body and just live in our heads. Feeling your physical body can create a strong sensation of feeling grounded.

Breathing Techniques

In yoga, we use pranayama (breathing techniques) to balance energy in the body. Different breathing techniques have different effects on the body and can hugely benefit to relieve anxiety, stress or insomnia.

Every private session includes an initial consultation to understand your needs, so I can tailor the treatment to your personal preferences. After each session, I offer recommendations that you can take home to help you feel balanced in your day-to-day life.

Finding Balance
75 €
1 hour / 60 min (10% off for students & OAP)
Did you know?

You can combine an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with a Finding Balance treatment – simply send me an email to arrange.

For all Finding Balance treatments, regular cancellation policy applies.

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